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Yellow Line Yellow Line

City Routes, Area School Service

CityBus provides regular route tripper transportation to the West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School. The service is available for use by the general public; regular fare applies. For real-time bus location information, visit the MyCityBus desktop application or download the mobile app and select your route. Please arrive at the stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

The school corporation provides school bus service to elementary schools.


Yellow Line map

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Yellow Line map


No schedule available. Please check back later!

Stops Schedule

Yellow LinePick-UpDrop-Off
448 Lagrange7:153:33
Lagrange & Hamilton7:153:32
Boone & Hamilton7:173:31
Boone & Lagrange7:173:30
3364 Morgan7:183:29
Putnam & Hamilton7:193:28
Putnam & Lagrange7:193:27
Crawford & Noble Ct.7:213:26
3338 Crawford7:213:25
Dubois & Hamilton7:223:24
Dubois & Pike7:233:23
Anthrop CityBus Shelter7:263:20
Mayfair Village7:283:21
Sycamore & Carmel7:283:21
Rainbow & Sycamore---3:22