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8 Klondike Klondike

Rider Alert!

A number of changes to routes 1B and 4B will go into effect on Monday, January 13 at the start of Purdue's spring semester. Route 1B Salisbury will be divided into two separate routes. 1B will provide service to and from CityBus Center and Walmart West. The section of route 1B that serves Sagamore Pkwy, Meijer, and Klondike Rd will be separated into a new route called the 8 Klondike Extension. You can view the map and schedule for the new route here.  Passengers traveling to and from the Klondike Rd area must now transfer at Walmart.

1B Salisbury and 4B Purdue West

  • Routes 1B and 4B will interline at Walmart West and the CityBus Center. The outbound 1B will become the inbound 4B at Walmart and the inbound 4B will become the outbound 1B at CityBus Center.
  • The outbound 4B will become the inbound 1B at Walmart and the inbound 1B will become the outbound 4B at CityBus Center.
  • 1B will return to hourly service on weekday evenings after 7:45 pm and on Sundays.
  • The first 1B  departure from the CityBus Center will now take place at 6:15 am Monday - Friday. View the new schedule (effective January 13) here.

8 Klondike Extension

This route will provide service every 30 minutes to Walmart, Meijer, The Avenues North and South, Copper Beech Klondike, and Sagamore Pkwy. Passengers traveling to these destinations will need to transfer from routes 1B, 4B, or 21A at Walmart in West Lafayette.
  • Service begins at 5:59 am and ends at 12:29 am on weekdays
  • Service begins at 7:14 am and ends at 7:29 pm on Saturdays
  • Service begins at 9:14 am and ends at 6:29 pm on Sundays

Rider Alert!

On or after Monday, January 20, routes 4B Purdue West, 8 Klondike Extension, and 24 Copper Beech Klondike will detour due to the closure of the intersection of Cumberland Ave. and Klondike Rd. This closure is taking place as part of phase 2 of the Revive Klondike project. You can read more about this project here. The intersection is expected to reopen in May of 2020.

The detours are as follows:

4B Purdue West – to Walmart

  • From westbound Lindberg, circle roundabout to eastbound Lindberg
  • Left on US-231
  • Right on Cumberland, continue on route

 8 Klondike Extension

  • From Sagamore Pkwy, left on Klondike
  • Right at Pemberly Ct
  • Circle Pemberly Ct to face Klondike
  • Left on Klondike, continue on route

24 Copper Beech Klondike

  • From Cumberland, left on Bobolink
  • Left on Grackle
  • Right on Longspur
  • Right on Lindberg
  • Take 3rd exit at roundabout to southbound Klondike, continue on route

The following bus stops will not be served:

  • Copper Beach Klondike (on Cumberland Ave): BUS268E (there will be a temporary stop located 0.1 miles east of the existing bus stop)
  • Klondike Rd & Cumberland Ave (East of): BUS273
  • Copper Beech Apts at Klondike Rd and Snowdrop Dr (SE Corner): BUS268
  • Tilbury Dr & US 231 S: TEMP08

Temporary stops will be placed at the following locations:

  • Pemberly Ct
  • Cumberland and Bobolink (east of)
  • Bobolink and Cumberland (SW Corner)
  • Sagamore Pkwy and Wyndam Way (North and West of)

City Routes, Sundays, Saturdays

The 8 Klondike Extension route operates Monday – Sunday. Destinations along the route include Walmart, Meijer, The Avenue North, The Avenue South, Copper Beech Baywater, Copper Beech Klondike, Chapplegate Apartments, the Wabash Township Trustee’s office, Klondike Elementary School, Klondike Middle School.

8 Klondike Extension is comprised of the former 1B extension to Klondike Road, Meijer, and Sagamore Parkway. Effective January 13, 2020, passengers traveling to these areas must transfer to route 8 at Walmart.



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8 Klondike map

Stops To Meijer

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411

Stops To Walmart

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411