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4B Purdue West Purdue West

Rider Alert!

Lindberg Road Detours for Routes 4B and 8

Lindberg Road will be fully closed between Klondike Road and 231 for construction. The closure will begin on or after April 12 with an expected end date of October 31. The detour will begin on April 12 regardless of the status of the road closure. Routes 4B Purdue West and 8 Klondike will detour while the closure is in effect. The detours are as follows:

4B Purdue West – to Walmart
  • From Lindberg Road, right on 231
  • Right on Cumberland Avenue, continue on route

8 Klondike – to Meijer
  • From Cumberland Avenue, circle roundabout to southbound Klondike Road (3rd exit)
  • Circle roundabout at Lindberg Road to northbound Klondike Road (4th exit), continue on route

There will be a temporary stop located northwest of Lindberg Road and Klondike Road.

The following stops will not be served:
  • Robin Hood Ln & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS905
  • Wake Robin Dr & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS498
  • Longspur Dr & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS904
  • Klondike Rd & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS195

Rider Alert!

LAFAYETTE, IN, April 14 – From now through July 2, 2021, CityBus is hiring mechanics and maintenance utility positions, as well as full-time and part-time bus drivers.  

Mechanics & Maintenance Utility

Mechanics will be responsible for preventative maintenance for gasoline and diesel engines, automatic transmission and driveline, hydraulic and air disc brake systems, and more. Maintenance utility employees will be responsible for daily fluid and fuel checks, pickup and delivery for maintenance parts, light building maintenance and cleaning, and other duties. Candidates for both positions must be available to work nights and/or weekends, including second shift. The ideal candidates have excellent attention to detail, good mechanical aptitude, and a willingness to learn on the job. Visit gocitybus.com/about/jobs/entry-level-mechanics-maintenance-utility for more information and to apply for this position.  

Bus Operators

Candidates must be willing to work flexible schedules, be safety-minded, and enjoy working with the public.  Full-time positions are guaranteed 40 hours per week and a comprehensive benefits package, and these drivers are eligible for overtime pay for additional hours worked. Part-time positions work up to 30 hours per week. CityBus provides a paid training program, including Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) testing preparation, for full-time and part-time bus operators. They’ll also receive uniforms and be eligible for fare-free bus passes for themselves and members of their household. Visit gocitybus.com/about/jobs/bus-operator for more information and to apply for this position.  


CityBus (Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation) is a municipal corporation established in 1971. CityBus provides over 5 million annual rides for Greater Lafayette passengers, including ADA paratransit services for people with disabilities. ### For more information, please contact CityBus Manager of Development Bryce Gibson at (765) 420-2948 or bryce@gocitybus.com

Rider Alert!

The City of Lafayette will extend Fresh Air Eats into the 2021 season beginning Friday, May 14. Several blocks on and along Main Street will close the third weekend of every month from May through early October to accommodate for outdoor dining space. Main Street will be closed between 10th and 11th, 6th and 7th, 5th and 6th, 3rd and 4th, and 2nd and 3rd. 5th street will be closed between Main Street and Columbia Street. 2nd will be closed between Ferry Street and Columbia Street.

The closures and subsequent detours will take place on the following dates:
  • Friday, May 14 at 4 pm through Sunday, May 16 at 9 pm
  • Thursday, May 20 at 4 pm through Sunday, May 23 at 9 pm
  • Friday, June 18 at 4 pm through Sunday, June 20 at 9 pm
  • Friday, July 16 at 4 pm through Sunday, July 18 at 9 pm
  • Friday, August 13 at 4 pm through Sunday, August 15 at 9 pm
  • Friday, September 24 at 4 pm through Sunday, September 26 at 9 pm
  • Friday, October 8 at 4 pm through Sunday, October 10 at 9 pm

The following routes will detour while the closures are in effect:

3 Lafayette Square
  • Inbound to CityBus Center – from Columbia, right on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, right into CityBus Center
4B Purdue West
  • Outbound to Walmart – from CityBus Center, right on 3rd, right on Columbia, continue on route
  • Inbound to CityBus Center – from South, left on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, right into CityBus Center
6A Fourth St
  • Inbound to CityBus Center – from 3rd, right on Alabama, left on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, right into CityBus Center
23 Connector (Friday evenings only)
  • Outbound to Campus – from 9th, right on Columbia, continue on route
  • Inbound to Lafayette – from South, left on 9th, continue on route

City Routes, The Avenue, The Cottages on Lindberg, Village West, Late Night, Sundays, Saturdays, The Quarters, Copper Beech Klondike

4B Purdue West operates Monday- Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Popular destinations along the route include Blackbird Farms Apartments, Redpoint West Lafayette, The Quarters Apartments, Purdue University (State Street), Purdue Residence Halls, Purdue Village, Wabash Landing, Walmart (west), Village West, The Cottages, and University Place.



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4B Purdue West map

Stops 4B to CityBus Center

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS403Walmart West Lafayette (at Shelter) - BUS403 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS403 4B
BUS922Christina & Co Cumberland Ave (SE Corner) - BUS922 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS922 4B
BUS162 Northwestern Ave & Neil Armstrong Dr (NW): BUS162 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS162 4B
BUS161Northwestern Ave & Yeager Rd (NW Corner): BUS161 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS161 4B
BUS897Northwestern Ave & Windsor Dr - BUS897 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS897 4B
BUS375WNorthwestern Ave & Lindberg Rd - BUS375W ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS375W 4B
BUS205 Lindberg Rd & Kestral Blvd (NE Corner) - BUS205 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS205 4B
BUS308Village West Apts on Lindberg (at Shelter)- BUS308 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS308 4B
BUS300The Quarters on Lindberg (@ Shelter) - BUS300 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS300 4B
BUS304Blackbird Farms 2 on McCormick Rd: BUS304 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS304 4B
BUS394SW Blackbird Farms Apt Buildings (W) - BUS394 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS394 4B
BUS906WSchwartz Tennis Cntr on McCormick Rd - BUS906W ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS906W 4B
BUS251WMcCormick Rd & Stadium Ave (NW Corner) - BUS251W ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS251W 4B
BUS501McCormick Rd & State St - BUS501 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS501 4B
BUS346State St & McCutcheon Dr (East of) - BUS346 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS346 4B
BUS388State St & Gates Rd (West of) - BUS388 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS388 4B
BUS345Lilly Hall on State St (at Shelter) - BUS345 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS345 4B
BUS260Krannert Grad School: BUS260 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS260 4B
BUS644River Market on State St (East of): BUS644 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS644 4B
TEMP34th St & Columbia (SE Corner): TEMP3 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 TEMP3 4B
BUS215CityBus Center - BUS215 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS215 4B

Stops 4B to WL Walmart

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS215CityBus Center - BUS215 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS215 4B
BUS2872nd St & Columbia St (NE Corner) - BUS287 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS287 4B
BUS156State St & Roebuck Dr (NW Corner/Wendy's): BUS156 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS156 4B
BUS271Purdue Memorial Union (PMU) on State St: BUS271 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS271 4B
BUS547 State St & Russell St (NE Corner): BUS547 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS547 4B
BUS898 First Street Towers on State St - BUS898 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS898 4B
BUS566Purdue West on State St - BUS566 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS566 4B
BUS504Purdue West on McCormick Rd - BUS504 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS504 4B
BUS251EMcCormick Rd & Stadium Ave (NE Corner) - BUS251E ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS251E 4B
BUS906ESchwartz Tennis Cntr on McCormick Rd - BUS906E ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS906E 4B
BUS393SW Blackbird Farms Apt Buildings (E) - BUS393 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS393 4B
BUS236Blackbird Farms @ McCormick Rd & Kestral - BUS236 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS236 4B
BUS103Blackbird Farms on Kestral Blvd (@Shelter): BUS103 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS103 4B
BUS106Kestral Blvd at Sandpiper Dr (SW Corner): BUS106 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS106 4B
BUS463Lindberg Rd & Kestral Blvd (SE Corner): BUS463 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS463 4B
BUS551Lindberg Rd & Kestral Blvd (Northwest of) - BUS551 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS551 4B
BUS308Village West Apts on Lindberg (at Shelter)- BUS308 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS308 4B
BUS300The Quarters on Lindberg (@ Shelter) - BUS300 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS300 4B
BUS306Blackbird Farms 2 on Lindberg Rd - BUS306 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS306 4B
BUS905Lindberg Rd & Robin Hood Ln (NE Corner) - BUS905 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS905 4B
BUS498Lindberg Rd & Wake Robin Dr (NE Corner) - BUS498 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS498 4B
BUS904Lindberg Rd & Longspur Dr (NE Corner) - BUS904 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS904 4B
BUS195Lindberg Rd & Klondike Rd (NE Corner): BUS195 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS195 4B
BUS268Copper Beech Apts Klondike (SE Corner) - BUS268 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS268 4B
BUS481Point West on Klondike Rd (NE Corner) - BUS481 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS481 4B
BUS464Pemberly Cts on Klondike Rd - BUS464 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS464 4B
BUS204Lafayette Blind on Klondike Rd - BUS204 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS204 4B
BUS317Klondike Schools (SE Corner Center Drive) - BUS317 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS317 4B
BUS342Klondike Rd & US 52 (SE Corner) - BUS342 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS342 4B
BUS170US 231/52 & Wyndham Way (East of) - BUS170 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS170 4B
BUS283Sagamore Pkwy W & Hunter Rd (SW Corner) - BUS283 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS283 4B
BUS179Avenue Apts SOUTH on Sagamore Pkwy W-BUS179 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS179 4B
BUS390Sagamore Pkwy W & Morehouse Rd(SW Corner) - BUS390 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS390 4B
BUS250(South of) Sagamore Pkwy W & Geddes Way - BUS250 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS250 4B
BUS137Four Points Sheraton Cumberland (NE Corner):BUS137 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS137 4B
BUS403Walmart West Lafayette (at Shelter) - BUS403 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS403 4B