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2A Schuyler Schuyler

City Routes, Saturdays

The 2A Schuyler runs Monday-Friday and Saturday. Destinations include Riggs Community Health Clinic, Grant’s House, Fowler Apartments, Historic Jeff Senior Center Apartments, St. Elizabeth Central, and Wabash Center. Check out ‘Stops to CityBus Center’ and ‘Stops to Schuyler Avenue’ to see a more extensive list of businesses within each block under ‘Attractions on the Block’. These places may be reached from the bus stop without crossing any roads!


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Stops to CityBus Center

Stop CodeStop NameAttractions on the BlockStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS24624th Street & Schuyler Ave nue(South of)Carbon Elite Details, Village Pantry, Marathon Gas ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS246 2A
BUS863Schuyler Avenue & 21st Street (Northeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS863 2A
BUS227Schuyler Avenue & 20th Street (Northeast Corner)The Branch Wesleyan Church ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS227 2A
BUS858Schuyler Avenue & 18th Street (Northeast Corner)Magoo's Pub & Pizza, Casey's Remodeling, The Garage-Tire Shop, Arni's Commissary, Linarco Distributing ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS858 2A
BUS859Kirby Risk on Schuyler AvenuePets Remembered Cremation Services, Lafayette Auto Trim, Kirby Risk Precision Machining, GTA Auto Sales ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS859 2A
BUS860Schuyler Avenue & Barbee Street (at Shelter)Silky Sources Salon, Momax Motors ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS860 2A
BUS86115th Street & Hart Street (Northwest Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS861 2A
BUS86215th Street & Ball Street (Northwest Corner)Mount Hope Church ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS862 2A
BUS34815th Street & Greenbush Street (Northwest Corner)Linnwood Early Childhood Education ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS348 2A
BUS508SW14th Street & Greenbush Street (South)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS508SW 2A
BUS78714th Street & Howell Street (Northwest Corner)Gifted Child Care Ministry ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS787 2A
BUS786St Anthony Health CareLinnwood Tavern, KarleyRetail, Budges Drive In ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS786 2A
BUS546N14th Street & Hartford Street (Northwest Corner)Linnwood Tavern, KarleyRetail, Budges Drive In ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS546N 2A
BUS842Village Pantry on Salem StreetVillage Pantry ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS842 2A
BUS843Salem Street & 11th Street (Northeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS843 2A
BUS3679th Street & Union Street (Northwest Corner at Shelter)The Armory Lofts, Hippensteel Funeral, 4-C Apartments ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS367 2A
BUS783NW9th Street & Cincinnati Street (Northwest Corner)St James Lutheran Church, St James Lutheran School ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS783NW 2A
BUS748Brown Street & 7th Street (Northeast Corner)Jackson Law Office ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS748 2A
BUS410NEBrown Street & 6th Street (Northeast Corner)Centennial Park ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS410NE 2A
BUS492Brown Street & 4th Street (Northeast Corner)KJ Nutt & Friends, LUM Emergency Shelter ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS492 2A
BUS215CityBus CenterCityBus Center, Right Steps Downtown, Hall-Justice Law Firm, The Law Offices of Marcel Katz ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS215 2A

Stops to Schuyler Avenue

Stop CodeStop NameAttractions on the BlockStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS215CityBus Center CityBus Center, Right Steps Downtown, Hall-Justice Law Firm, The Law Offices of Marcel Katz ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS215 2A
BUS549SFowler Apartments on Ferry StreetFowler Apartments, Cypress Realty, Miller & Newell, Friendly Market, Defur Voran LLP, Theobald Gregg, Evil Genius Tattoo Club, Main Street Books, Roth Florist, Marquis Dolls & Restoration, Brows by Wolfe, Phoenix in Flight Beauty, Legal Aid Corporation ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS549S 2A
BUS534SFerry Street & 6th Street (Southwest Corner)The Enchanted Pointe, Kelly McPhail Photography, The Lobby, McCord Candies, Operation Ink, Lafayette Custom Interiors, St. Michael's Catholic Books, Mosey Down Main Street, Artists' Own, Friends of Downtown Lafayette, Generation NA, Flourish Studio and Classroom, Indiana Makers Market, Lala Gallery & Studio ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS534S 2A
BUS532SWFerry Street & 8th Street (Southwest Corner)Management Advantage, Keene Homes, Thomas Duncan Community Hall, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, The Press, Lafayette Theater at the Long Center, Lafayette Brewing Company, Wabash Valley, Lafayette Ballet School, Fresh Factory Barbers, Scones and Doilies, University Sports Publications, KW Commercial, Main Street Amusements, DT Kirby's, Thieme and Wagner Brewery, Ace High Hair Club, Black Wax Records, Reed & Company, Clayton Jewelers, Grateful Heart Gallery and Gifts, 648 Bourbon & Cigar Lounge, Main Street MFG, HRT MedCore ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS532SW 2A
BUS2559th Street & Ferry Street (Northeast Corner)Marathon Gas, Nirvana Beauty & Lifestyle ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS255 2A
BUS220SEBrown Street & 9th Street (Southeast Corner)Brown Street United Methodist ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS220SE 2A
BUS783SE9th Street & Cincinnati Street (Southeast Corner)Historic Jeff Center Senior Apartments ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS783SE 2A
BUS4309th Street & Union Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS430 2A
BUS853Salem Street & 9th Street (Southeast Corner)Reliable Parts, Bell Parts Supply, The Pickle ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS853 2A
BUS292SE9th Street & Hartford Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS292SE 2A
BUS789SWHartford Street & 12th Street (Southwest Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS789SW 2A
BUS546WHartford Street & 14th Street (at Shelter)Greater Lafayette Retina Center ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS546W 2A
BUS847Tippecanoe Street & 14th Street (East)Grant's House, Amy M Allspaw CNS ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS847 2A
BUS488Tippecanoe Street & 17th Street (Southwest Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS488 2A
BUS451Riggs Community Health Clinic (at Shelter)Riggs Community Health Clinic ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS451 2A
BUS84917th Street & Howell Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS849 2A
BUS45217th Street & Greenbush Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS452 2A
BUS330SWGreenbush Street & 18th Street (Southwest Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS330SW 2A
BUS850Wabash Center on 20th Street (at Shelter)Wabash Center, EA Staffing Services, Rio Manufacturing Company ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS850 2A
BUS85120th Street & Meharry Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS851 2A
BUS85220th Street & Perrine Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS852 2A
BUS274Underwood Street & 20th Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS274 2A
BUS937Underwood Street & 22nd Street (Southwest Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS937 2A
BUS353Underwood Street & 24th Street (Northeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS353 2A
BUS85424th Street & Albany Street (Southeast Corner)ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS854 2A
BUS24624th Street & Schuyler Avenue (South)Carbon Elite Details, Village Pantry, Marathon Gas ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS246 2A