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How to Ride

Determine what route/s you need to take to get to your destination. Familiarize yourself with the bus routes and schedules online or pick up copies at various locations around town.

Be at the stop before the bus .01

Arrive at the stop five minutes before the scheduled time. It is very important to be at the stop before the bus arrives, not running to the stop from a nearby location.

 Stand at a bus stop .02

Buses will stop only at designated bus stops along the route. A list of bus stop locations for each route is linked on each schedule page or just look for the bus stop signs on the street.

Have your fare ready .03

Be prepared with the exact fare (driver does not make change) needed. The more prepared you and other riders are, the easier it is for our drivers to pick up passengers quickly and keep on schedule.


Flag the bus .04

Check the sign at the front of the bus for the route/destination. As the bus approaches, signal the driver to pick you up by holding up your arm high in the air. Tip: When flagging a bus down at night, use a light source to ensure the driver can see you.

Follow the system rules .05

Riders are also required to follow all system rules. Passengers who disregard these rules may be removed from the bus by police or denied service.

Get off the bus .06

To get off the bus, signal the driver one block before your stop by pulling the cord or pressing the yellow strip. This will ring a bell and light the “stop requested” signal for the driver. Once getting off, do not cross in front of the bus.


Plan Your Trip with CityBus

All CityBus bus stop locations and routes are available on Google Transit/Maps. You can plan a bus trip just as you would a driving trip using Google. Enter your trip information in the trip planner (or at maps.google.com; select the bus icon as the mode of transportation).