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CityBus launches ‘Ride to Work’ employer-paid program

Employers needing punctual, dependable staff members and workers who lack transportation of their own are coming together in a new CityBus employer-paid program called “Ride to Work.”

Under the program, employers receive 30-day bus passes on consignment from CityBus to provide at no cost to workers as a perk. The company pays for the passes when they are distributed, and CityBus replenishes their supply as needed.

CityBus Changes in 2017

Lafayette, Indiana – 2017 has brought numerous changes, from the retirement of a beloved street supervisor to the various construction projects throughout the city. Not forgotten in these changes is the hiring of four new CityBus employees and the promotion of two others.

CityBus requests feedback from the public for potential route changes to the Connector at two public meetings

CityBus is proposing potential upcoming changes to the Connector route. Passengers who wish to provide feedback on the changes should attend. “When the decision was made to eliminate the Bronze Loop, it left some of our riders stranded. Altering the Connector route would be the most economical way to serve them,” said Marty Sennett, General Manager of CityBus.