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CityBus is committed to making environmentally responsible choices, minimizing use of our natural resources and continually adopting new sustainability practices. Some of our activities include:

Operating CNG buses

In 2014, CityBus purchased its first 10 buses that use compressed natural gas rather than diesel. This helped us lower emissions, use domestic rather than foreign energy and reduce costs. An onsite fueling station also contributed efficiencies. In 2018, the CityBus fleet now includes 21 CNG buses, with more are planned as we replace existing buses.

Tapping wind power, reducing electricity use

In 2009, CityBus secured funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Transit Investments in Greenhouse Gas Energy Reduction program to purchase and install three windmills. Since becoming operational in 2011, the turbines have generated wind power to supply our administrative office and maintenance facilities, reducing electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Further electricity reductions have been achieved through use of LED lighting, dusk-activated lobby lighting, restroom hand dryers, and motion-sensitive lighting in offices and restrooms.

Recycling, implementing sustainable office practices

CityBus has long followed reduce/reuse/recycle practices in our facilities and offices. We make purchases with this in mind, print only when necessary to reduce paper and toner use, and collect recyclables, among other saving measures.

Installing rain gardens

Landscaping on CityBus properties includes installation of rain gardens, which filter water before it enters the storm water system and add nature settings to the environment.

Using low-maintenance building materials

Both inside and outside, CityBus facilities are built and furnished with sustainability in mind. Some applications include Terrazzo flooring, ceramic tiles on restroom walls and low-maintenance brick exteriors.

As improved sustainability methods emerge, CityBus pledges to be at the forefront in adopting use.