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Where’s the Bus?

Find out how long you’ll wait before the bus is at your stop. Get the information in the way that you like best!

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Access real-time GPS-based bus location information, track your bus on a map, and receive transit news and route-specific alerts. You can also download the MyCityBus App from the Google Play or Apple App Store by tapping the links below!


  • System map

    See all of our city routes in one place on this map.

Plan Your Trip with CityBus

All CityBus bus stop locations and routes are available on Google Transit/Maps. You can plan a bus trip just as you would a driving trip using Google. Enter your trip information in the trip planner (or at maps.google.com; select the bus icon as the mode of transportation).

If you have a passion for meeting and helping people, then CityBus wants to put you in the driver's seat!

A few qualifications include:
Outstanding customer service required
Knowledge of traffic rules and regulations
Some mechanical aptitude required

See complete details and apply today! Do you know someone who could be great? Please share with them!

Apply Now

We are accepting applications until April 19th.