System Rules

All passengers must follow these rules for the safety and comfort of other riders. Failure to follow these rules can result in removal from the bus by police and/or denial of bus service.

  • Fare is required from all passengers. See Fares and Passes for details. Fares have been paid by contract with CityBus for some riders such as Purdue and Ivy Tech students. These passengers must present valid identification to ride without paying a cash fare.

  • Discounted fares are available to riders who are elderly or disabled. E&D Identification, a Medicare Card, or proof of age 65 or over is required each time you pay reduced fare. The Youth Bus Pass is available to youth in grades 7-12; proof of enrollment in school is required to obtain and use the bus pass. See Fares and Passes for details.

  • Exact fare is required, drivers do not make change. Dollar bills, coins, and tokens should be placed in the farebox upon boarding. Passes should be swiped in the farebox. Transfer tickets and Day Passes should be inserted into the ticket reader on the bus.

  • Failure to pay a fare can result in removal from the bus, denial of service, and arrest and prosecution. Bus passes are valid only for use by the person to whom the pass was issued by CityBus. Using somebody else's bus pass or identification is failure to pay a fare.

  • Smoking, food, and drinks are not permitted on the bus.

  • Do not use profanity or abusive language. Be respectful and courteous to other passengers and CityBus employees.

  • Speak quietly on the bus so that other passengers are not disturbed. Use cell phones courteously.

  • Riders may use iPods and other audio devices only with earphones, and if the volume is low enough that nearby passengers are not able to hear.

  • Follow all instructions given by the bus operator.

  • No loitering is allowed in CityBus vehicles or facilities.

  • Reserve the front seats for the elderly and passengers with mobility impairments.

  • Move carts and strollers to the back of the bus so that the aisle remains clear. Children must be removed from strollers.

  • All wheelchairs must be secured by the operator. It is not permissible to ride in a wheelchair that is not secured. Wheelchairs that do not meet standards described by ADA guidelines can be refused by CityBus.

  • Exit through the rear door. After exiting the bus, do not cross in front of the bus. Watch out for other traffic and use caution.

  • Do not leave trash on the bus or at bus stops. A waste receptacle is provided at the front of the bus.

  • Take your belongings with you when you leave the bus. CityBus is not responsible for lost or stolen items. (See Lost and Found.)
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