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Hybrid Buses

CityBus has used hybrid buses since 2007. Today, 20 of 73 buses are hybrids, 27% of the fleet, saving fuel and lowering emissions by 90%. Since 2007 CityBus has saved more than $1 million in diesel fuel thanks to hybrid buses.

Hybrid Bus

Renewable Wind Energy

Three 100 kWh wind turbines power our facilities in Lafayette with renewable energy. The $2.18 million project was funded with a 2009 TIGGER award from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The goal of the TIGGER program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by public transit systems.

As of April 2012, the program has generated the following results:

  • Produced 155,000 kWh of electricity, more than 20% of CityBus’s annual power requirement.
    • This is enough electricity to power 168 houses for year.
  • Offset carbon emissions by more than 120 tons.
    • This is the environmental equivalent of reducing traffic by 226,000 vehicle miles, saving 12,000 gallons of fuel used in automobiles, or planting 4,300 mature trees.
  • Reduced the cost of purchased energy by $14,000, a 20% reduction in annual expense for purchased energy.

Monitor current energy production live, and see cumulative results here.

Go Green. Save Green.

CityBus riders save tons of carbon annually by riding the bus instead of driving in cars. How much carbon will you save?

Use Carbon Savings Calculator.

Riding CityBus is also economically sustainable. The average transit rider saves more than $10,000 annually over the costs of car ownership.

See Transit Savings Report.



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