Plan Your Trip

Determine what route/s you need to take to get to your destination. Familiarize yourself with the bus routes and schedules online or pick up copies at various locations around town including the Tippecanoe Mall, CityBus Center, Purdue University and Ivy Tech University. You can also use Google Maps/Google Transit to locate bus stops near your starting and ending points.


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Plan your trip

All CityBus bus stop locations and routes are available on Google Transit/Maps. You can plan a bus trip just as you would a driving trip using Google. Enter your trip information in the trip planner (or at maps.google.com; select the bus icon as the mode of transportation). You can modify the results in Google by selecting "show options" to change your trip preferences, including selecting less walking or fewer transfers. Keep in mind that Google uses "best route" as the default option, which means it will plan the shortest bus ride. Changing to "less walking" may provide a route closer to your starting or ending locations.

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